ITC003: Project 2010 Advanced

Microsoft Project allows you to monitor, update, and create many facets of project development. It allows managers to track budgets, completed and pending tasks, look at overall progress, and see the big picture of the project as it is advancing.

Workshop Objectives

By the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:
• Split the view
• Sort, group, and filter tasks
• Use zoom
• Overlap, delay, or split tasks
• Set task deadlines and constraints
• Understand task types
• Assign a task calendar
• Understand task indicators
• Assign a resource calendar
• Customize a resource calendar
• Apply predefined resource contours
• Specify resource availability
• Group resources
• Enter resource rates and overtime rates
• Specify pay rates for different dates
• Apply a different pay rate to an assignment
• Use material resource consumption rates
• Entering task fixed costs
• Schedule resource overtime
• Identify and balance resource overallocation
• Save a baseline plan
• Update project, actual task values, actual work and actual costs
• View project statistics and costs
• Check duration variance, work variance, and cost variance
• Identify slipped tasks
• Save an interim plan
• Customize a basic or visual report
• Create a custom report
• Sort a report
• Inserting a subproject
• Consolidate multiple projects
• View multiple project critical paths
• View consolidated project statistics
• Create a resource pool

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